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Pharmacy details at your fingertips to power your business - list of UK community pharmacies, pharmacy ownership details, pharmacy contact details and more, powered by PharmData. Updated several times per day - receive notifications when pharmacies are bought and sold.

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If your business sells to UK pharmacies or could benefit from interacting with UK pharmacies, then PharmDirectory is for you. PharmDirectory provides a live feed of pharmacy data collated by PharmData from multiple sources, and allows you to segment and download this list to support your marketing efforts.

PharmDirectory currently has the following lists:

  • UK community pharmacies including address, locality, monthly prescription items, open and close date, contact details (phone, email, website and fax), ownership details, GPhC number and more.
  • UK community pharmacy owners including company registration date, number of pharmacies, directors details and head office address.
  • UK dispensing doctor practices including address, locality, open and close date, monthly prescription items and dispensing patient list size.

We're constantly adding new information sources to PharmData - if you have any requests, please contact us and we'll be happy to assist.

PharmDirectory subscribers will also receive email notifications when there are updates to the list, such as new pharmacies or pharmacy sales.

PharmDirectory is priced at £100 per month, plus VAT.

There is no minimum term contract, so you can cancel at any time for any reason. You can get access instantly by signing up using the button above - payment is by monthly direct debit. You can cancel your subscription either from the settings page of your PharmData account, or by cancelling the direct debit mandate directly with your bank.

We collect and import data from a number of official sources on a regular basis - you can see our attribution statement at the bottom of every page of PharmData for more information on this.

These sources are updated at different frequencies - some are monthly or quarterly, whereas some are updated every day. We have automated systems to make sure that PharmDirectory (and the PharmData website) are using the freshest data available.

We also make some manual updates when our systems flag up any inconsistencies between data sources, and we follow these up as appropriate, such as by contacting pharmacies directly for clarification. In summary, we use a multitude of different sources and methods to update PharmDirectory several times per day to give you pharmacy details at your fingertips.

PharmDirectory is a web portal, so you can view and filter pharmacies and pharmacy owners using the functionality within the website. You can also export the data in various formats, including Excel and PDF, for use with your team or other computer systems.