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Temporary Safeguarding Payments claims service

improved pricing!

PharmData's Temporary Safeguarding Payments (TSP) claim service identifies opportunities for your pharmacy to make a claim for payment as part of the NHSBSA Temporary Safeguarding Payments scheme.

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Using the millions of datapoints of pharmacy and prescription payment data within the PharmData system, this service will identify where your pharmacy has a strong likelihood of a claim as part of this Temporary Safeguarding Payments scheme. Pharmacy contractors can then review whether or not any shortfall in prescription items has been caused by a systematic increase in prescription duration on all or a significant percentage of their prescription items from specific GP surgeries.

For more information on the scheme, including details of which pharmacies are already using it and how much they have claimed, visit our Temporary Safeguarding Payments report.

Just like PharmData, our TSP claims service doesn't require any software installation, and you can access it from a web browser on any computer, smartphone or tablet. The calculation is done instantly, and we provide full and simple instructions for you or your pharmacy staff to follow to make a claim.

You can get instant access to our TSP service by clicking the "Start now" button above. Pharmacies successfully using the TSP scheme receive an average claim of over £2,600, and for any successful claims, NHSBSA will also pay £30 to the pharmacy to reflect the administrative cost of submitting the claim - therefore, we have fairly priced the TSP claims service at just £30 +VAT per valid claim. If you agree to these terms, then we will only charge you if you are paid for a successful TSP claim.

Many pharmacies are also able to make multiple TSP claims, so by using our TSP service on a regular basis (e.g. monthly) this will ensure that you are automatically notified of any additional opportunities to make claims.

The PharmData TSP service is compatible with every PMR system. We're making it easy for everyone to get the benefits of identifying potential Temporary Safeguarding Payments claims! You can get real world insights and real world analytics for your pharmacy to identify potential claims.