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EPS nominations

Using the
latest NHS data

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) nominations leaderboards for pharmacies and Dispensing Appliance Contractors (DACs) in England, updated weekly. Figures as of Monday 15th of July 2024.

Pharmacy EPS nominations leaderboards

These figures are updated each week with the latest NHS figures. These leaderboards exclude pharmacies which have closed (and their EPS nominations have dropped to zero) and those which have just opened (and have had EPS nominations transferred from the previous ODS code), and so the change in nominations represents the net change since the previous week in number of patients which have either nominated that pharmacy, or have removed their nomination (e.g. patients which have switched to a different nominated dispenser, moved away or deceased).

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Total EPS nominations leaderboards

These leaderboards are based on the total count of active EPS nominations for pharmacies or Dispensing Appliance Contractors (DACs) in England, and include the change in nominations since the previous week. The total EPS nomination count is for the branch only - if you're interested to see EPS nominations figures for pharmacy groups, you can see this on the national market share dashboard