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Pharmacy Quality Payments report

PharmData tracks numbers of prescription items, MURs, NMS, EPS nominations and more for all NHS community pharmacies in the UK. We also track Quality Payments for all pharmacies in England and this page is a summary of our analysis for the April data.

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...the number of pharmacies that fulfilled the gateway criteria to participate in the scheme. 97 pharmacies did not fulfil these criteria.

0 out of 72.5

The average number of points achieved by each pharmacy that fulfilled the gateway criteria. Each point is expected to be worth £64, making the average pharmacy payout £2,880


...the number of pharmacies who achieved a maximum score of 72.5 points, estimated at £4,640 of additional funding. This represents less than 10% of all pharmacies taking part in the scheme.

Pharmacy2u Quality Payments

  1. Patient safety report +20 points
  2. Safeguarding +5 points
  3. Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire +5 points
  4. Healthy Living Pharmacy
  5. SCR usage
  6. NHS 111 Directory of Services +2.5 points
  7. Asthma audit +10 points
  8. Dementia Friends

Pharmacy performance by quality area

Percentage of pharmacies who claimed a particular criterion after already passing the gateway criteria.

Criterion Points value Proportion of pharmacies attaining
Patient safety report20
Community Pharmacy Patient Questionnaire5
Healthy Living Pharmacy20
SCR usage5
NHS 111 Directory of Services2.5
Asthma audit10
Dementia friends5

Comparison of pharmacy multiples

Please note that estimations of average number of QP points for pharmacy multiples are approximate only. Please contact us to discuss further!

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